Please note that Westville Therapy Pulsed Magnetic and Phototherapy applicators are specifically designed for the Biomag 2 And FFU units. Any use with other manufacturer’s equipment will negate any guarantees. We pride ourselves in offering research based equipment and perfectly matched applicators, backed by the systems designer and consultant. Treatment settings on the equipment are the intellectual property of Dr David Somerville.

Our range is constantly being updated and enlarged, so watch this space for more units to become available in the coming weeks and months.

Dual Concentric

The smaller Dual Concentric offers twin coils, offering deeply pulsed magnetic fields directly into the animal’s sides.

Size: 200mm x 200mm.

Equine Leg Applicator

The Equine Leg Applicator has dual coils and wraps around the limb. It can be used to treat soft tissue injuries and to enhance the repair of long bone fractures. It is also used for tendon injuries and can, using the appropriate setting on the main unit, act as an ice pack for new injuries.

Size: 300mm x 150mm when folded.

Triple Concentric

The larger Triple Concentric Applicator was initially designed for treatment of equine sacro-iliac problems as it generates a significant depth of field using its unique triple coil alignment. However, it is also valuable in canine therapy since it can be placed under the dog (or even under the dog bed) to allow the provision of pain relief.

Size: 300mm x 300mm.

Canine Jacket

The Canine Jacket is an extremely versatile design. Having 3 coils running down the spine, it allows treatment to be given for spinal problems, for instance in arthritic dogs.

Canine Jackets are custom made to your order for any breed and size of dog.

Canine Leg Applicator

The Canine Leg Applicator is used for treating knee and joint problems in dogs.

Size:  300mm x 150mm (when folded)

Large Canine / Small Pony Leg Wrap Applicator

The Large Canine / Small Pony Leg Wrap  operates on a similar line to the equine leg applicator. It is a shorter version of the Equine Leg Applicator as a wrap-around or saddle applicator over the back of smaller animals.

Size: 180mm x 200mm when folded.