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Biomag 2

Westville Therapy Supplies BioMag 2


The Biomag 2 is an aid to helping the natural repair of injuries. It does not in itself cure, but helps establish the optimum conditions for healing to take place.

It can be used in the following four broad categories of treatment, namely-

  1. Pain relief
  2. Pain relief followed by treatment of a particular injury
  3. Treatment of new or existing injuries
  4. Sports therapy – as a tone up aid for muscles

The Biomag 2 is used as the base for either pulsed magnetic therapy or for phototherapy treatments.

As the Biomag 2 has two output sockets, it will power both a pulsed magnetic therapy applicator and a phototherapy applicator simultaneously.

It has internal batteries that allow the unit to be used in areas where there is no mains supply, and these are automatically recharged when the unit is plugged into a mains supply.


Westville Therapy Supplies FFU




The Westville FFU Therapy Unit is the latest in portable design concepts that add to the range of the Westville range of equipment.

The newly redesigned unit offers some of the features and treatment programmes available with the Biomag 2 unit, but in a smaller, simpler to operate and tamperproof form.

This makes it ideal for hiring out to clients.

Like the Biomag 2, the FFU is fully compatible with all the applicators in the Westville range including the Imita phototherapy combination applicators.

Features included are a simple display identifying internal program setting and a selectable 15 minute timer.

Detailed instructions for pre-setting the unit are supplied in the user manual.

The FFU has internal Sealed Lead Acid batteries (SLAs) which allow the unit to be used in a setting without mains power. Once used in the field, the unit may simply be recharged by plugging in the charging unit.